The HTML Dialect

The HTML dialect is what generates all pages on this website, tables and menus, all except documentation, which is driven in a different internal system.

It provides an easy way to output HTML code without breaking out of REBOL syntax. This makes REBOL code much more readable, and the resulting code is about 50% smaller than if you were to write the HTML code directly intermixed with your code in a traditional manner. The more HTML dialect code you write, the smaller the end result you get.

The HTML dialect works best for providing structure to websites, if you are going to build it in program code.

Some features:

  • It supports most HTML tags and doc types and can generate tables and looped HTML code sections from REBOL data.
  • It can create reusable templates, that can be recalled with a single word.
  • It provides simple tags for typical header and meta data, like redirection, CSS links, javascript links and charsets.
  • It has a simple form framework for defining a form from a single REBOL object, although this is still deeply in development.

Basic Example:

page "My Page" css "mycss.css" [
    div /title "This is my webpage"

The HTML dialect is roughly 20 kb of source code.


Version 008 do not yet have proper docs and a redirect example will cause the documentation page to do an actual redirect. Hit escape when it happens.