LIST-VIEW Docs Coming Soon

LIST-VIEW has changed a lot since version 052 (0.0.52 in the old numbering scheme), in fact so much I had to skip publishing a build 053 to build 054. This mostly goes for how it updates contents, which is now done more logically and efficiently, resulting in fewer screen updates.

LIST-VIEW initialization during layout has been greatly cleaned up and sorted, so it's easier for me to debug.

Furthermore it has been adapted to the VID Extension Kit, which has been the cause for even more changes.

The new update scheme should not be necessary for you to learn by casual use of LIST-VIEW. Only if you are optimizing for speed and doing many things per update, should you use the new updating scheme.

Therefore it's required that some sections of the original documentation needs to be changed, but I have no time to write that now, so if you have questions, please ask them. The change log is also not yet available, as the LIST-VIEW bug list has not been integrated into the bug tracker.

The original docs, history and demo files for version 052 and below can be found here.