LIST-VIEW is an advanced list view for REBOL2 VID. It emphasizes ease of use, while holding a ton of features, and you can get started with it in a matter of minutes.

Some Features

  • Resizable List View
  • Tested with over 30000 rows of data
  • Sortable columns
  • Data filtering (simple and advanced modes)
  • Visual triggers that can be set per row on specific content.
  • Many different actions and information that can be obtained from the list view face.


  1. LIST-VIEW is no longer compatible with the VID Extension Kit and is no longer being developed. It's kept here for maintenance reasons.
  2. LIST-VIEW changed a lot between build 052 and 054. So if you want to use it with the VID Extension Kit, use 054 or newer. If you already are using LIST-VIEW in production applications and have not upgraded from 0.0.52, build 052 should do for you.
  3. Docs for build 052 are available in the Downloads section. I still have to find some time to rewrite the docs for newer versions, but do not hesitate to ask questions, if you have any.
  4. Build numbering scheme has changed from 0.0.5x to 05x.