VID Extension Kit - Extra Functions (unfinished)


This document is not yet finished.

Some functions work as helpers when creating styles. These are listed in this document.



This function "hinges" one face to another by corner. This is useful, when aligning corners of faces, such as a face which opens a menu and the opened menu face. Hinging occurs only once and does not provide new resize information that would allow the hinge to be persistent.

A hinge may occur at one of the four corners of each face and is described by two words in a block out of four:

leftDescribes the left edge of the face
rightDescribes the right edge of the face
topDescribes the top edge of the face
bottomDescribes the bottom edge of the face

So, if you specify a corner as [top right], the top right corner will be used as a hinging point.

When hinging the first face never moves. Only the second face is moved into the desired position.

Both faces must exist in a layout and must have a size and an offset.

HINGE works best, if alignment and resizing has already occurred.


Hinge the bottom right corner of face 1 to the top right corner of face 2

hinge face1 [bottom right] face2 [top right]


Provides the size of a text when taking the face edge and origin into account.


face-size-text my-face


Is used to determine the horizontal or the vertical size of a face from it's text. This is useful for body text faces, that layout large amounts of text according to a specified width of a document.

The direction is determined if one direction of the size of a face is -1.

At this time, the maximum size that is used for calculation is 1000 pixels.


face-size-from-text ???
This section is incomplete.