VID Extension Kit

The VID Extension Kit offers many extensions and corrections to the Visual Interface Dialect in REBOL 2 to make it easier to work with in larger programs. It adds features to simplify trivial work, like resizing or attaching scrollers to lists. Having already been tested in a larger application, it has proven that it offers significant code size reduction for layouts and management of those layouts.

Note that this project will not run on REBOL 3.

This project supersedes LIST-VIEW.

Some Features

  • Fully automatic resizing and face alignment
  • Extensions to the dialect for face alignment, resizing, default values
  • Tab Navigation
  • Many new face navigation and handling functions: Find the next or previous face, get the deepest face in a hierarchy, etc.
  • Many new styles, including balancers, resizers, various lists, purpose-named styles, like OK-BUTTON.
  • Redefined new powerful PANE that accepts easy-to-change multiple panes.
  • Many new flags for each style to better determine the overall structure of a user interface. (Find the "Cancel" button with one line of code.)
  • Style browser
  • Basic state-aware skin system, storing state and appearance information in separate files
  • Automatic event throttling to make sure the UI remains responsive, even with big and heavy layouts (thanks to Gabriele Santili for this work)

Source Notes

All sources are now available only through GitHub.

Documentation Notes

Documentation is being reorganized and split in smaller parts. The documentation for build 003 is no longer valid.

Documentation Update as of February 2018

The following documents can be considered current:

  • Actors
  • Lists

Licensing Notes

The license of this project is currently being negotiated with REBOL Technologies.